Why Leadership’s Failing III


Leaders are not present (locked behind a door and captive to email).  Leaders are stuck in their office and in meetings and avoiding wide visibility.

EMAIL (Extraordinary Misuse of An Information Language) is overused and often used inappropriately.

I know one large, public medical device company CEO who used to kick executives out of their offices to go out and visit their customers. (Bravo!)

Why Leadership’s Failing II

Dis-economies of scale place extraordinary burden on the organization and front line managers…some companies may be too big to fail but they are never too big to flail.  Mergers have assembled massive companies but the support and training for front line managers and leaders has been subordinated to other considerations.

Why Leadership’s Failing

logoThere are many reasons why leadership is failing.  Over the next several weeks, I will post some of the key reasons why I believe that many leaders  are struggling.  One key reason is that we are communicating but we are not connecting.  In spite of technology, communication is regressing.  Much of our efforts to communicate are getting buried in noise that ultimately kills the signal being sent.  Additionally, too many leaders are hiding behind technology rather than dealing with situations face to face.